PCA® Tools are manufactured in Australia out of the highest quality materials with needles that are securely bonded into the long lasting aluminium handle. Each tool belongs to one of three categories – Fine, Bold and Embossing. Each category is represented by three coloured rings at the end of the handle; Blue indicates it is a Fine perforating tool, Red is for Bold perforating tools and Green is for the Embossing tools.

Also available from PCA® Flexi-DuoTM Grids. These grids are available in Straight, Diagonal and Honeycomb, in both Fine and Bold.


We currently carry a basic range of Pergamano tools but we can, however, order them in for you. Perga cutters are also a part of this range alongside scissors, their cases and tool carry cases (in two sizes).

Paints & Inks
Pintura and Pinta Perla are widely used in parchment for painting and we currently carry the full range of Pintura and Pinta Perla paints. We also stock the Tinta Inks, Brushstroke Paint and Special Gold Ink.
Widely used by parchers are the multi grids. We currently carry all the multi grids and are constantly being supplied with the latest ones.
M Series Patterns
We stock a wide variety of patterns. As not all the M Series patterns are available anymore, if you would like a specific one we will try our best to get these products for you.